If you have a successful business, chances are that you will be involved in business litigation at some point. We have the experience to help you navigate these occasional bumps.

Guiding Businesses Through Legal Disputes

The types of legal disputes a business may encounter are varied, limited only by the nature of its business activities. As a business owner, you may disagree over whether a vendor has fulfilled its contractual obligations with you. A client may disagree over the service or product you provided. Consumers may allege that your advertising or transactional practices violated applicable federal laws against consumer fraud. Competitors may allege that you have engaged in unfair competition. Owners, partners or shareholders may disagree over the administration over terms in the operative agreements or bylaws, or perhaps over the distribution of profits and liabilities.

Seeking Cost-Effective Resolutions

Fortunately, business litigation does not necessarily have to mean a court battle. Even the simple act of seeking legal representation, and perhaps following through with the filing of a complaint alleging a breach of contract theory, may nudge the parties into more productive settlement negotiations.

Preparing Persuasive Court Cases

If settlements cannot be reached outside of court, we are also skilled at preparing effective court cases. We routinely work with experts that can interpret key factual events in a dispute, such as accountants, real estate brokers, and even the occasional medical expert.

Contact An Experienced Business Litigation Attorney

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