Sometimes we discover that an injury or harm is common to more than just one party. In a situation where a common defendant has harmed similarly situated plaintiffs, we might recommend a class action.

Representing Business Owners In Class Actions

A class action may be appropriate in many legal contexts. In the example of a business owner, a vendor might have failed to perform its contractual obligations not only with you, but also with your competitors. A class action lawsuit, comprised of a class of plaintiffs alleging a breach of contract claim, might be the most effective strategy against this vendor.

Of course, business litigation disputes arise with more than just vendors. Perhaps your business has a corporate client that has failed to pay. With a little investigation, we might discover a pattern against this defendant involving others. A class action may also be appropriate in this situation.

Guiding You Through The Procedural Challenges Of Class Actions

A class action lawsuit does have some administrative differences. Before the litigation gets too far along, the court must agree that alleged harm is suited to a class action, rather than separate lawsuits. If it agrees, the court will certify the group of plaintiffs as a class. A lead plaintiff will then serve as the representative of the class.

There are many benefits of class actions. Litigation costs are generally lower because they are divided among the class. That, in turn, encourages plaintiffs to come together to hold a defendant legally accountable in a court of law, even if only small damages are at stake and an individual lawsuit would not be practical.

Contact A Skilled Class Actions Attorney

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