When business partners start their venture, they share the same vision, ideals and goals for a business. However, the stress of running a business and the passage of time can ultimately lead to a breaking down of what was once a strong partnership. These types of disputes can be stressful, costly and overwhelming, but we can help.

At Thaler Law, we help California business owners navigate the complex process of protecting their operations while resolving a partner dispute.

You have put an extensive amount of time, money and effort into starting your business, and our job is to protect that investment. When our clients come to us due to a partnership dispute, we strive for workable, practical solutions. We have earned the trust of other Huntington Beach area businesses because of our effective advocacy and practical counsel. Lawyer Jesse Thaler and our team will employ all of their resources in helping resolve your partnership dispute in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

The Breakdown Of An Important Business Relationship

Partner disputes often arise out of a loss of the shared vision that two or more parties have when they launched their business. When partners are no longer able to work together, it may necessitate legal action in order to preserve your personal investment and ensure this dispute does not expose you to any unnecessary financial risk. Our experienced business litigation attorney can help your business in the following situations:

  • One partner shutting the other out of the daily operations of the business
  • A partner taking money from the other or the company without permission or repayment
  • One party treating the other parties unfairly or inappropriately
  • Lack of trust between partners
  • Inability of partners to continue to work together

Whether it is loss of control, loss of trust or simply a desire to end a partnership, our firm will help you take the legal steps necessary to sever ties while still protecting the overall well-being of your business.

Work With An Experienced Firm

We take great pride in offering individualized legal solutions for our business clients. If you are involved in a partner dispute, contact our law office at 866-271-5290 or here to discuss your case in a free initial consultation.