We have a sense of what business owners expect when they come with legal questions. Although many business firms may know the law, we go a step further, offering corporate counsel services.

With a monthly flat fee approach, we will offer our services to businesses whose operations might not warrant full-time, in-house legal counsel. We effectively become your virtual in-house counsel. You may reach out to us anytime you need technical or transactional work overseen by an attorney. Our clients who utilize this approach seek our counsel regarding contracts, professional license applications, third-party funding applications and business loans, as well as litigation matters.

Combining Our Transactional And Litigation Experience

The unique aspect of our corporate counsel service is that we combine transactional and litigation experience. We bring a litigator's eye to our due diligence matters, and the knowledge base of a business transactional attorney to our litigation.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships And Trust

Even if we are not a constant presence in your day-to-day operations, we build a relationship of trust. Over time, we become very knowledgeable about how our clients' businesses work, as well as the activities that expose them to potential legal disputes. That familiarity allows us to take proactive steps against common problems, such as disagreements over whether a vendor has performed under the contract.

Contact A Skilled Corporate Counsel Attorney

Companies enter into contracts practically every day. Having a legal resource that you can turn to when disputes arise is a necessity of doing business. We are the cost-effective, efficient and experienced corporate counsel solution that your business needs. Call our Santa Ana office at 866-271-5290 to schedule a free initial consultation. You may also complete our online contact form.