Unless your business operations are completely online, you likely need a physical address for your company. Regardless of whether you own or rent your business space, disputes involving real estate law may arise.

Our comprehensive business law practice includes real estate litigation. We have assisted both individual and business clients in disputes involving landlord-tenant law, mortgage payment terms, refinancing proposals, easements and even quiet title litigation.

Guiding You Through The Unique Aspects Of Real Estate Litigation

Our real estate advocacy will ensure not only that you have a strong case, but also that you have satisfied any applicable procedural requirements. For example, changes or proposed variances in zoning laws generally involve an administrative hearing with the local government's zoning authority or board. Other claims may be appropriate for a specific forum, such as landlord-tenant disputes brought in small claims court.

The damages you seek in a real estate litigation case depend upon your specific claim. In an easement dispute, you are seeking physical access, rather than just financial compensation. Similarly, a quiet title action is brought to confirm your ownership of a parcel of property. Other matters, in contrast, might be more amenable to a financial award.

Real estate disputes can be highly technical and fact intensive. We understand what it takes to effectively litigate a strong real estate case. Call our Santa Ana office at 866-271-5290 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.