On behalf of Thaler Law posted in business litigation on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

A California small business owner has many things to consider during the initial stages of his or her business. These include necessary steps that can help reduce the chance of problems in the future. Business litigation can be costly and stressful, and an owner will find it beneficial to try and reduce problems by planning and thinking ahead.

One common issue that can cause problems for business owners are accusations of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. These allegations are serious, but it’s possible to reduce the chance of these incidents happening with strong behavior policies and reporting procedures in effect. If a problem does arise, an employer will want to take it seriously and move forward with the appropriate course of action as soon as possible.

Problems with employees are inconvenient, but they can also lead to litigation if not handled appropriately and promptly. One way that a California business owner can reduce the chance of an issue is to have carefully drafted and thorough employment contracts with all employees. These agreements clearly outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties, reducing the chance of complications and disagreements down the road.

There are specific steps that an owner can take that will make it less likely that he or she will experience problems regarding employees, serious allegations, trademark infringements and a host of other issues. It may be helpful for an entrepreneur to seek the guidance of an experienced legal professional to discuss his or her specific business. This assessment can identify the legal protections that may be necessary to reduce the chance of business litigation.