Practice Areas

***Corporate Counsel***

IF: You've got an active and successful business. Your business routinely runs advertisements and enters into contracts with customers, employees,

vendors, suppliers and others. Your volume of business leads to the inevitable customers that file complaints with governmental

(i.e. Department of Consumer Affairs) and quasi-governmental authorities (i.e. Consumer Review Groups). Your business scale results in

employee issues before the Unemployment Appeals Board and the Labor Board. Your company routinely is required to fill out important

documents (i.e. loan origination documents, third party partnering/financing/insurnace documents, and professional license

related documents) and respond to pressing correspndence (i.e. IRS and attorney demand letters).

Your company has frequent litigation needs as a Plaintiff (i.e. collecting money owed) or a Defendant (i.e. business disputes).


THEN: You need corporate counsel!


The professionals at Thaler Law specialize in corporate counsel services. After a comprehensive on-site meeting at your business headquarters, the professionals at Thaler Law will provide a comprehensive report of "high liabilty areas" (i.e. sections of your business that need attorney

oversight/guidance due to the potential of significant risk of loss) and a proposal regarding on-going corporate counsel services.

Schedule an on-site consultation today!



***Business Litigation***

If your business is successful, your business is likely being sued.

This is (sadly) the cost of doing business America today. The professionals

at Thaler Law are well versed at resolving business litigation cases. Contact us today!

We provide reasonable, flat-fee contracts and have payment plans available.



***Civil Litigation***

Have you or a family member been ripped off? Seriously injured?

Do you have a difficult case that other lawyers have turned down? Have you been sued and you need personalized and professional help?

Thaler Law can assist! The professionals at Thaler Law are currently accepting cases in all areas of Civil litigation representing both

Plaintiffs and Defendants, including personal injury, wrongful death, class actions, real estate litigation, and appellate work.



***Criminal Defense***

Dealing with the criminal justice system is overwhelming and scary. Most criminal defense firms alleviate your fear by accepting

your case and payment over the phone and sending some random junior attorney to meet you at the court house. Really?!?!

This is not how the professionals at Thaler Law will handle your case. You will receive a personalized case review with a trial attorney.

You will meet the same attorney at the court house. And, your attorney will walk you through the overwhelming and scary system.

The professionals at Thaler Law are currently accepting criminal defense cases ranging from

misdemeanors (i.e. DUI or simple possesion) to felonies (i.e. rape or murder).



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