Legal Issues Threaten Continued Business Operations

November 1st, 2020|

November 1, 2020 Legal Issues Threaten Continued Business Operations Whether you're in the initial stages of your business or already well established, legal issues may threaten your continued business operations. Legal issues come in many forms: demand letters from an attorney representing a former employee; lawsuits filed against you/your company by former clients and/or business partners; and subpoenas and/or demands to cease and desist from governmental agencies or others—just to name a few. Contact Thaler Law Business legal issues are complicated, and there are many challenges to the legal process. Contact an experienced business attorney from Thaler Law who can help you understand your legal rights regarding your case, and what your next best steps should be. Contact us at

Dispute with Neighbor or Homeowner’s Association (HOA)

September 17th, 2020|

If your Neighbor or Homeowners’ Association has overstepped, infringed on your property rights, or is treating you unfairly, you have the right to fight back! A private nuisance occurs when the plaintiff’s use and enjoyment of his or her property are obstructed or interfered with because of the actions of another. These cases generally involve a neighbor or nearby occupant doing something that interferes with the plaintiff’s use of their own property, but an HOA can also be liable for nuisance.Examples of a public nuisance may involve: a neighbor polluting the soil; selling drugs next door; or hoarding animals causing foul odors and health hazards. In California, a private nuisance provides for a cause of action for the injured party.

A Lawsuit for Negligence

August 18th, 2020|

Did you know? There are many instances where negligence can occur, but we are here to represent you regardless of what causes it to occur. “Negligence” is an action or failure to act by a defendant who owes a duty of care to a plaintiff. A person’s duty of care depends on the relationship between the individuals involved. But under this definition, a “relationship” can exist between two people who don’t even know each other. Here are examples of different types of individuals and their duty of care: 1] Child care provider Has a duty to keep children safe and healthy in their care. 2] Store owner Has a duty to keep premises clean and in good condition so that

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