Tenants’ rights issues could lead to real estate litigation

On behalf of Thaler Law posted in business formation on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. When a Californian rents residential property, he or she has certain rights. There are laws in place that protect the interests of tenants, and they provide protections against things like invasion of privacy and other types of mistreatment from landlords. In some areas of California, however, provisions intended to help renters may actually not be helping them at all. In one town, this led to many disgruntled renters and the potential for real estate litigation. Lawmakers passed certain measures actually intended to protect the interests of renters. Landlords are now required to provide tenants with one-year leases, but there is no provision that keeps them from

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Avoiding business litigation due to violation of privacy laws

On behalf of Thaler Law posted in business litigation on Monday, March 4, 2019. Recently, the state of California passed new laws regarding how companies and businesses of all sizes and types treat the information and data they collect from consumers. It is in the interests of business owners to understand what these new laws mean for their company. A disregard of legal changes or lack of understanding over how the law is applied could expose a company to business litigation in the future. These new privacy laws are among the strongest and strictest in the country. Essentially, California consumers have more rights than ever before regarding how companies treat their information. This includes the gathering and selling of data.

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