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To ensure that businesses and their owners operate fairly and legally, there are a variety of laws and contracts implemented throughout the corporate world. When these laws or contracts are violated, complex disputes can easily arise between multiple parties. If you’re involved in a business dispute in Garden Grove, you should retain a skilled Garden Grove business litigation attorney to ensure your interests are properly represented.

Choose Thaler Law for Your Business Litigation Needs in Garden Grove

Whether you’re involved in a dispute with your client or are involved in a class action case, hiring a Garden Grove business litigation attorney is imperative. At Thaler Law, our head attorney has been practicing business, civil, and real estate litigation for over a decade. By leveraging our experience, negotiation skills, and extensive resources, our firm is able to provide exceptional business litigation services in a multitude of circumstances.

Garden Grove Business Litigation Attorney

What Is Business Litigation?

Business law involves any legal case that addresses disputes, violations, transactions, and other business-related issues. Business litigation involves the negotiation and settlement of these issues, which can be done both in and out of the courtroom. When a lawyer works in business litigation, this means they have unique knowledge of the state’s business laws and know how to represent cases involving them.

Our Business Litigation Services in Garden Grove

If you or your business’s rights have been threatened, you should not wait to seek legal guidance that can help you better handle your unique situation. Thaler Law is proud to provide a myriad of business litigation services here in Garden Grove, California, including:

  • Class Action Defense

    When multiple people are harmed by the same party through similar behavior, they may have the right to file a class action. A class action is a case that involves one plaintiff who represents everyone who was negatively impacted by the defendant. Class actions are commonly formed when large groups of employees, business partners, or consumers are harmed. It’s essential to have strong defense representation if you decide to pursue a class action in California.

  • Contract Disputes

    Contract disputes are some of the most common business disputes in California. This is because any time a contract is breached, the party that was impacted has the right to take legal action. Contract disputes can occur when an employee breaches their employment agreements, when there are issues with asset purchase agreements, and even within construction projects.

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    The term “fiduciary duty” refers to the legal obligation of one party to act in the best interest of another party. When someone breaches their fiduciary duties, they are violating a legal agreement and can be held liable in court. Fiduciaries are commonly used during the probate process to help administer estates, but they are also used when trusts and other legal agreements are made.

  • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Defense

    At Thaler Law, our legal experience also allows us to represent business owners who are facing challenges. We understand that facing discrimination and sexual harassment claims can have a massive impact on your business’s reputation, which is why our employment lawyer can work to protect your legal interests and ensure everything is resolved fairly. When your business is facing allegations, ensure that you ask for legal guidance as soon as possible.

  • Partner Disputes

    Whether you and your partner started a business venture years ago or you just recently entered an agreement with a new partner, disputes may arise at any time. While business owners hope that their partners always stay truthful and adhere to their agreements, it’s important that you obtain legal protection as soon as you suspect suspicious behavior. If you’re unsure whether your current situation qualifies as a partner dispute, consult our Garden Grove Business Litigation Lawyer today.

Garden Grove Business Law FAQs

Q: When Should You Hire a Business Litigation Lawyer in Garden Grove?

A: If you are a business owner or partner who has been presented with a legal issue, such as a dispute or a harassment allegation, it’s recommended that you retain a business litigation attorney as soon as possible. If you are a client or employee, retaining a lawyer is just as important when legal issues arise to ensure that you are protected against large companies and their legal teams. Generally, if you’re involved in any kind of business law case, retaining a lawyer is smart.

Q: What Does the Litigation Privilege Rule Mean in California?

A: California has what is known as a “litigation privilege” rule. This rule protects those who are involved in litigation from what they communicate during this time. For example, a lawyer cannot be sued for defamation because they said something that makes the defendant look bad, as it is their job to prove they committed a certain violation.

Q: How Long Does the Average Business Litigation Case Take to Settle in Garden Grove?

A: How long your case takes to settle will depend on multiple factors, such as the type of case you’re involved in, how severe the issue is, whether multiple parties were impacted, and what laws or agreements were broken. Some business litigation cases can be resolved quickly in a few weeks, while others may take months or sometimes even years.

Q: What Are Considered Unfair Business Practices in California?

A: It is against the law for businesses in California to use “unfair practices” to aid themselves or mislead others. Unfair business practices can include false advertising, predatory lending, bait-and-switch techniques, and more. If your business is facing any accusations of utilizing unfair practices, do not wait to speak to a Garden Grove Business Litigation Lawyer about your situation.

Business Litigation and Legal Guidance in Garden Grove, CA

Whether you’re a business owner, a client, or an employee, you deserve to have your rights recognized and protected during litigation. If someone has violated your rights by breaching a contract, violating an agreement, or treating you blatantly unfairly, you can trust Thaler Law to advocate for you. For effective business litigation services in Garden Grove, California, contact Thaler Law to schedule a consultation with our team today.

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