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We understand that businesses face a variety of legal demands. From business litigation to proactive corporate counsel, we tailor our advocacy to your specific need.

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Corporate Counsel That Fits Your Needs

The Business Law Experience You Can Trust

Contracts are the lifeblood of business operations. Businesses enter into contracts with vendors and clients to define the scope of each party's services or other obligations. Both federal and state laws also set limitations upon businesses. Zoning issues, rental disputes or other real estate matters may also threaten business operations. In specialized fields, business owners may have professional license responsibilities. Depending on the business form, a business may also have contractual obligations to its owners and/or shareholders. In short, daily operations may expose a business to myriad potential legal liabilities.

At Thaler Law, we understand the concerns and pressures that business owners face. We have earned the trust of many business owners in this community by offering practical, efficient business advocacy. We assess your business issue and give you bottom line options.

Providing Comprehensive Business And Real Estate Advocacy

The legal demands upon corporate counsel may greatly vary. If your business operations do not sustain an in-house counsel, we offer the practical solution of a flat monthly rate for corporate counsel. From proactive contractual due diligence to litigation in court, our comprehensive practice is equipped to handle your business, real estate or corporate legal issue. We are set apart from many other law firms by our flexible fee arrangements, our advocacy that combines both the transactional and litigation side, and our personalized approach to your issue.

Experienced Civil Litigation

We are equally comfortable performing due diligence or preparing for court. When one party breaches a contract, you may need to bring a civil lawsuit. We have handled big litigation matters for both individuals and businesses in a variety of contexts, including medical malpractice, personal injury and breach of contract.

Free Consultation With A Business And Real Estate Attorney

We have an impressive record of protecting individual rights and safeguarding business operations. We are conveniently located in Huntington Beach and offer a free initial consultation. To learn more, call 866-271-5290 or complete our online contact form.

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