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Owning and operating a business is complicated. Making decisions that ensure the longevity of your business for yourself and those you employ can create a significant amount of pressure. In addition to the worries that come from day-to-day operations, legal issues can be immensely stressful. From ensuring employment laws are followed for your employees to protecting your intellectual property from those who may infringe upon it, you have many reasons to hire a Santa Ana business litigation attorney.

At Thaler Law, our team has over a decade of experience helping our clients with their business litigation needs. We work to ensure all aspects of your business operations follow state and federal statutes while also protecting you from frivolous claims against you or your company. Running your business requires a great deal of decision-making, but hiring a talented attorney from Thaler Law is one of the easiest decisions you can make.

Business Litigation vs. Business Law

Business litigation is the legal practice in which an attorney works on behalf of a business in legal matters that are argued in a trial or through alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation. The attorney could file a claim on behalf of the business, or they could defend the business from claims filed against them.

Business law is the day-to-day operational legal oversight that ensures a business is following all state and federal laws. When one of these laws is broken, the business could face the possibility of litigation. Understanding state and federal business laws is part of the responsibilities of a business litigation attorney.

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Types of Business Litigation

When business disputes arise, it is important that you are protected by an attorney with the experience and knowledge to appropriately represent you. When you hire Thaler Law, you can gain protection from many types of business litigation, including:

  • Contract disputes and breaches of contracts. When your business enters into a contract with another entity or individual, there is an expectation that both parties will hold up their end of the deal. If the other party claims you failed to do so or you believe they did, an attorney can help.
  • Purchasing and sales. Often, one business relies on others to do their purchasing and sales. This may require making agreements for the sale or purchase of certain goods and services.Both parties must meet these agreements.
  • Employment disputes. Employees are entitled to certain rights when they work for a company. These rights include working in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and abuse based on protected characteristics, being provided appropriate wage and hour standards, and many other legally protected rights. If an employee feels their rights are violated, they could file a claim against you or the business.
  • Intellectual property infringement. The intellectual property you use with your company is legally protected. Intellectual property applies to trademarks, copyrights, logos, creative ideas, and more. If a company believes another company has infringed on its intellectual property, it could file a claim against the infringing entity.
  • Antitrust laws. Antitrust laws exist to ensure fairness in the business market and prevent a company from monopolizing the market and effectively eliminating the competition. When competition is restricted, the consumer suffers, as the monopolizing entity can set whatever prices they want. If your business is alleged to have violated antitrust laws, a business litigation attorney can help you defend against these accusations.

These are just a few examples of the types of business litigation our team can help with. However, we have experience in a multitude of legal challenges your business could face.

What Should I Hire a Business Litigation Attorney in Santa Ana, CA?

An attorney will represent your business in legal matters and work to reach an outcome that is favorable for you and your business. They use their knowledge of the state statutes and federal laws to defend the actions of the company, whether they are the plaintiff or the defendant. If your business is facing litigation, whether it’s an employee’s rights claim or a breach of contract dispute, a business litigation lawyer is a crucial asset.


Is Business Litigation the Same as Business Law?

Business litigation and business law are not the same, but they are in the same family. Business litigation is the process by which the actions or processes of a company are litigated in court or through alternative dispute resolution. Business law involves day-to-day operations governed by state and federal laws that businesses must follow to protect their way of doing business, as well as their employees.

What Is the Difference Between Business Litigation and Commercial Litigation?

The difference between business litigation and commercial litigation can be difficult to understand, as the terms are often used interchangeably. However, they do have differences. While business litigation tends to involve more internal matters, like disputes between shareholders, commercial litigation is considered to refer to a business’s relationships and transactions with other entities or consumers. For example, sale of goods problems may warrant commercial litigation.

Is Business Litigation the Same as Being Sued?

Business litigation is not the same as being sued, although you could end up in litigation because you or your business is named in a lawsuit. Litigation is the process by which a claim filed against an entity is argued and by which both parties seek a resolution through legal means. If your business is named in a lawsuit, you will want the help of a business litigation lawyer.

Why Do Companies Avoid Business Litigation?

Many companies avoid business litigation because they want to protect the privacy of their business. When a claim is argued in court, it becomes a matter of public record. That means the result of the claim is available to anyone who wants a copy of it. When a business settles a claim through alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation or arbitration, it can keep these matters private. This process can help protect the company’s image.

Effective, Passionate Business Litigation in Santa Ana, CA

Owning a business can be very rewarding, but it is full of risk. Whether you are just starting your business or have a well-established company, protecting yourself when unforeseen circumstances arise should always be a priority. Claims against businesses can be common, but a lawyer can minimize the resulting harm. Protect your business with the litigation attorneys at Thaler Law. Contact us today and let our experience and knowledge work for you.

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