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In the course of your business’s operation, disagreements between your company, clients, and vendors will inevitably arise. While some smaller conflicts can sometimes be resolved without a lawyer, it’s highly advisable that you seek aid from a Long Beach business litigation attorney as soon as you’re facing legal issues. Whether you’re facing serious allegations or you believe fraud has occurred within your business, Thaler Law is prepared to evaluate your legal options.

Thaler Law: Your Long Beach Business Litigation Firm

Waiting too long to seek business litigation legal counsel may lead your business to incur excessive costs and can even leave a stain on your reputation. Our experienced team at Thaler Law can help you battle challenging legal issues regarding your business by combining our knowledge of the law with our extensive litigation experience. We have spent years protecting clients and their businesses and are prepared to do the same for residents of Long Beach, too.

Long Beach Business Litigation Attorney

Common Forms of Business Litigation in California

There are a myriad of reasons why an individual or business may need to use business litigation to resolve a problem. The following are just a few forms of business litigation our firm sees here in Long Beach:

    1. Breach of Fiduciary

      Fiduciary obligations refer to situations where someone in a position of trust (the fiduciary) is relied upon to honor an agreement. Any actions that betray that trust are considered a breach of fiduciary duty and provide grounds for business litigation. For a breach of fiduciary to occur, four general elements must exist. These elements are duty, breach, causation, and damages. As our Long Beach Business Litigation Attorney help your business build its case, our lawyers can help identify whether these elements are present and determine what damages are applicable to your case. We can also assess whether the other party acted in good faith or willfully breached you and your company’s trust. You may be entitled to monetary damages if:

        • The other party mishandled contractual obligations
        • The defendant failed to disclose important information
        • The other party mishandled money, property, or funds
        • The defendant abused a position of influence
    2. Class Action

      When multiple victims are harmed by the same unlawful behaviors of a business, they may be able to file a class action claim. Class actions allow a group of victims to take legal action without each of them having to file separate claims. In these cases, our business lawyer will represent you or your business as part of a larger group. These situations also encourage the opposing counsel to settle outside of court instead of dealing with a harsh claim.
    3. Real Estate
      DisputesReal estate disputes are some of the most common cases that require business litigation. The following are common causes of real estate and property-related disputes in Long Beach:
    • Unpaid rent
    • Boundary disputes
    • Misappropriation of funds by a developer, supplier, or other employee
    • Disagreements between neighboring property owners or homeowners associations

What Should I Expect Once I Hire a Business Litigation Attorney?

There are many situations where a business dispute or disagreement requires litigation. When you decide to hire an Long Beach Business Litigation Attorney, your first step will be setting up an initial consultation. During this meeting, a member of our legal team can educate you on your rights and legal options while we gain a strong understanding of your case. We can then discuss your goals and any concerns that you may have, helping you to feel as comfortable as possible when litigation begins.

Based on that feedback, there are several ways our attorneys may proceed. In some cases, attorneys from both parties may be able to form a settlement that meets both parties’ needs. If your case requires further litigation, our law firm is prepared to see your case through trial, where a judge or jury can determine the merits of the case and award damages accordingly.


Q: What Is the Difference Between Business Law and Business Litigation?

A: Business law is the body of court-enforceable rules established at the city, state, and federal levels that govern business operations. Litigation refers to the act of negotiating a settlement, both outside or inside the courtroom. During business litigation, both parties refer to business law when making claims and arguments. It is the job of a judge or jury to determine which side acted in accordance with the law.

Q: What Is the Difference Between an Attorney and a Litigator?

A: All litigators are attorneys, but not all attorneys actively litigate as part of their profession. An attorney working at a large company, for example, may provide legal advice and draft contracts completely outside of the courtroom. Any litigator must pass the bar exam in the state where they practice law. If you are looking for an experienced litigator, ask the prospective law firm if their lawyers have practice in the courtroom.

Q: What Is Small Business Litigation?

A: Not all business-related litigation involves large companies. Even companies with as few as one employee may run into contractual disagreements, breach of fiduciary accusations, and other business-related conflicts that require a business litigator. If you own a small business and are dealing with legal issues in Long Beach, do not wait to consult a Long Beach Business Litigation Attorney.

Q: What Does a Business Litigator Do in California?

A: A business litigator is an attorney with an active legal license who works in the field of business law. It’s crucial to note that while all litigators are attorneys, not all attorneys can act as litigators. A business litigator carries comprehensive knowledge of both business laws and negotiation, allowing them to advocate for you and your business in a wide range of situations. If you know that your case is going to trial, you will need a business litigator to represent you.

Effective, Passionate Business Litigation in Long Beach

Business litigation can become complicated quickly. If you are in a legal dispute involving your business, the business litigation lawyers of Thaler Law are here to help you understand your rights. We can fight for your business interests and ensure that your voice is heard in every legal proceeding. Contact our Long Beach office today to start working with a business litigation team who cares.

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