On behalf of Thaler Law posted in business formation on Thursday, June 27, 2019.

Businesses can take certain steps to ensure important information is protected and they secure the specific things that give them a competitive edge over California competitors. One option involves employment contracts, and for some businesses, this means including nondisclosure terms in the contract or writing separate nondisclosure agreements for employees to sign. NDAs can be useful tools for various types of businesses.

These contracts allow a California business to keep its important information safe in the event that an employee who has access to this information leaves the company. It’s a smart way to keep everything from client lists to secret formulas in the right place. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from NDAs, using these contracts to keep things like certain processes and pricing techniques private. Businesses have a lot of information that they probably do not want in the hands of another company.

Some companies opt to draft their own NDAs or include these terms in their employment contracts. This approach is not always smart, however, as NDAs often come under scrutiny when employees are unhappy with how they affects them. It is beneficial to have legal help when drafting these contracts to ensure they are completely enforceable.

A business may find it helpful to seek guidance regarding the types of contracts that could be useful to them. A complete assessment of the financial and legal needs for the business is a smart place to start. An owner may want to speak to an experienced legal advocate regarding NDAs and other ways to protect the company.