On behalf of Thaler Law posted in business formation on Tuesday, July 23, 2019.

When it comes to legal agreements, it’s important for a business to take the time to ensure that the terms of the agreement meet its needs and allow for continued cooperation between the two parties. One of the most difficult challenges that a California company may face is securing payment from clients. Strong contracts can help a company get payment from its customers and clients in a timely manner.

One important note is to ensure that any contract clearly spells out the terms of the sale and what actions should trigger payment from a customer. It will also help to ensure that a contract clearly spells out the time frame in which a company is expected to deliver a product to a customer and when payment is expected. Clarity of these types of terms can reduce the chance of continued conflict and problems in the future.

When it comes to clarifying the terms of payment in a contract, a business will also want to ensure that it clearly spells out what types of payment it is willing to accept, such as credit, cash or check. Timely payments are crucial for the financial health of a business, and contracts can help enforce this. A strong contract can give a California business an advantage and allow it to avoid legal disputes with customers.

When drafting contracts, it can be helpful to discuss terms and goals with an experienced legal ally. Having guidance when drafting contracts can help a business lower risk and make it less likely it will experience complications due to late payments. When it comes to securing payment from customers, the key may lie in good contracts.